337 Contract Influencer Marketing Manager

    Tencent America LLC

    Job Description

    Responsibilities Lead efforts to identify, recruit and foster relationships with creators, talent, community leaders, and advocates. Strategize regular communications and key messages to the influencer community so that we’re all clued into and coordinated, shaping one story together of what the game is and how it’s evolving. Curate and help with the promotion of content across multiple -Oversee your team’s development of consumer and community Tencent Games-hosted events (from local fan to collegiate to pro eSports level). Monitor the community voice and sentiment, reporting back on influencer sentiment, concerns, and suggestions, as well as competitive activity and social trends. Requirements 5+ years’ experience in influencer/player relationship-building, talent management, events, entertainment, or PR-related field. Unparalleled networking skills Gamer, including free-to-play mobile games and (hopefully) MOBAs The vision to create a team from scratch with a long-term vision, adapting along the way as we learn together. Leadership experience managing a small team of direct reports as well as collaboration with a much larger cross-functional team. The drive and excitement that comes with knowing you will build successful careers of content creators (expanding your own network and clout in the process).