Head Coach / Team Coordinator

Head Coach / Team Coordinator

  • Post Date:3. March 2017
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Job Description



We are looking for a passionate person who willtake care of our competitive sector. We are a rising organization born in 2014.We host scheduled competitions through our platform. Our gradual grow hasalways been marked by our commitment, we always wanted to make our brand asolid reality of the LOL environment. Now, we would like to make our own team inorder to compete over highest edges of Europe achieving great results as well.

Since I’m looking for a skilled person to bethe one in charge to manage all the competitive community related aspect, theperson will have to meet some requirements in order to be accepted and possiblyrewarded.

The profile I’mlooking for is:

  • ·        Passionateabout the game and e-sport environment.
  • ·        Canhandle multiple tasks at once.
  • ·        Hasdeveloped high-level experience in playing techniques and meta macros.
  • ·        Lovesto work in team but can also operate alone in completing tasks in a timelymanner.
  • ·        Havebeen playing Lol for a while.
  • ·        [+] Has reached Diamond in at leastone of the two last season.
  • ·        [+] Fluent English.
  • ·        [not mandatory] Solid competitivebackground.

Responsibilities forthe first month:

  • ·        Recruita team and organize try outs.
  • ·        Formulatevarious sheets to organize the team.

·  Followthe team through the week and keep them update.

  • ·        Ofcourse all mansions related to the coach figure such as team /gameplay analysis.

Before committing to release your compensationfor your work we’ll discuss a monthly deadline to respect, this way I wouldensure you my payment once we accomplished various monthly tasks.

If you could be interested please make sure tohint me up on